Bridging the Policy Implementation Gap


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We are a Consultancy Company created to help individuals and organizations through a programme of change.


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Our team of Consultants cover a wide variety of areas, which include;

- Change Management

- Human Asset Management

- Healthcare Management

- Work and Organisational Psychology

- Social Enterprise

- Quality and Performance

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As promised, this is the poster to accompany the lecture delivered to OR56 delegates at the Royal Holloway University London.

Operational Research

Research suggests that companies that use data and business analytics to guide decision making are more productive and experience higher returns on equity than competitors who do not. (Brynjolfsson et al., 2011)

Data is continuously being produced by organisations (exhaust data) through simple transactions such as purchasing stationary or cleaning equipment to more complex events such as logistics and staff scheduling.  Taking this data out of their silos enables for a more coherent view. 

This more coherent view can lead to a nimbler more responsive organisation, drive costs down, raise the quality of the consumer experience and help manage risk.

ITERATION 50 will help you bridge the gap between your Aims (policy) and Implementation.



Some Recently Completed Projects

2022 - Scoping the Digital Inclusion Landscape

2021 - Evaluating the Patient Pathway-ED to Exit

2020 - Impact of CoVID-19 on Healthcare Workers at an NHS FT

2018 - Evaluation of Parental Engagement

2016 - Ethnographic Study of Fostering Services

2014 - Rolling Out UKROC Outcome Measures in a Neurological Rehabilitation Service

2013 - Evaluation of a West Midland Charitable Childrens Service

2011 - Evaluation of the Health and Wellbeing of NHS Managers

2010 - Evaluation of a UK Ambulance Service